Canada Travel Guide and Tips for Tourists

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Canada is a huge country with many amazing tourist attractions. The Great Lakes, Erie, and Huron, are an incredible source of fresh water. They also offer amazing recreation opportunities. Ontario is the most populous province, according to population. This province is well-known for its vineyards that produce the largest proportion of Canadian wines. Ontario has over 30 national parks, wild, uninhabited northern areas, 50 thousand pristine lake and many rivers that stretch 55 thousand kilometers. It is also home to the capital of Canada Ottawa and Toronto.

In 1857, Ottawa became Canada’s capital. Ottawa is home to Parliament, the Tower of the World which boasts more than 50 bells. It also has a picturesque quarter that surrounds the Market Hall Bayword. The Stables of the Royal Police and Rideau Canal are other attractions. In winter, Rideau Canal becomes the longest skating track in the world. Visitors spend a lot of time at the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Museum of Science and Technology, as well as other cultural venues. This is a safe and quiet city.

Toronto is Canada’s biggest city and a key cultural and business center. It is often referred to as the global standard for cleanliness and order. This large metropolis is easily identifiable with its many skyscrapers and banks. Surrounded by numerous green parks, squirrels and other small forest animals entertain the public, it is easy to recognize. Toronto is known for its neat gardens and lawns that are framed by major highways. There are also many neighbouring national blocks.

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