How to Improve Your Chess Game

It is incorrect to think that playing Chess is a God-gifted skill. If you do not reach an average ‘cognizable Standard’, it is impossible to improve. The ‘cognizable Standard’ refers to your ability to only recognize the good points and the negatives of the game. You cannot improve your game. It is a game with superior intelligence. You can see online chess lessons for beginners on our website.

This game demands a high level of intelligence, alertness and the ability for one to consider the future and choose the best option. It is true that talent cannot be created by hard work alone, but if you do have some it can be boned. The old saying genius is five to ninety nine per cent inspiration and ninety-9 percent sweat. Talent is something that almost no human being can do without. We can only fall behind those who are able to develop it if we do not strive for it. This is what we intend to achieve with this article.

Sometimes talent withers when it isn’t given the right direction. The talent of these people is unable to properly care for and fertilize the plant of their talents. You must be unwavering in your devotion to chess as with all other disciplines. Most young boys are not able to manage their time well, even those with great potentials. The following guidelines will help you to be a successful chess player.

1. Chess books and magazines

After playing some games you should read the book. Play more games and then read the entire book. Each time, you are able to grasp new information or concepts that were not obvious before.

You can improve the most by playing other people, but not by playing them. It is best to cover one side’s moves (often the winner), and to think through each move carefully before looking.

You will be able to improve your playing speed quickly if your notes include all games. They are best written in chess scorebooks. You can then play each of the games and note down any criticisms. This is how the grandmaster improved his chess skill and became proficient quickly without any coaching. It is astonishing how much easier it is to see the game from a different perspective than what you saw the first time. You become your tutor. Your skills will improve if you submit some of the games and your comments to a coach or top player for an assessment.

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